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I have been in the health field for over 30 years, and in alternative health care for almost 20 of those. My background includes a PhD in clinical psychology; a doctorate and board-certification in Naturopathy (ND); a license in massage therapy; Reiki Mastership; Chinese herbalism; and various energy therapies.

I am in private practice in Iowa City, Iowa, with my wonderful wife of 22 years, and a whole passel of other, truly gifted healers. You should visit us at

My restless mind has led me to study all things esoteric since I was in high school, although I never let on to the good Franciscan fathers what I was thinking about. Some day, I hope to discover an ancient treasure a la Indiana Jones (without having a bunch of people shooting at me).


especially numerology and tarot, cool iphone apps., ancient treasures and mysteries, arcane subjects of any sort