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January 30, 2009


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Poor Mercury, so often collecting such negative vibs. Reader warning: this is a subject that I feel strongly about and hope to shift. And I do enjoy your blog, Michael.

It seems to me to be a superstitious leftover from the dark ages of astrology. Any planet is stronger when it is in retrograde motion. Yes, retrograde is a re-examination of an elemental function but it is not weaker within us. Vedic astrology holds this view as well.

And does Mercury get his due when electronics and communication flow smoothly? I think not. This energy is one of the most powerful within us and rules all communication on many levels.

All planetary positions signify what we humans have chosen to address, their aspects and motions are messages from the divine beings of which we are comprised.

Mercury retrograde is a blessed time to appreciate this energy. Mercury then is closer to the Sun and communication and meditation are enhanced. We put our "mercury" into the objects we use for communication, too. And sometimes things just happen as life is a mystery we will never totally understand. I can't help it after all, Mercury rules my Sun and in the soul area, crucial parts of my natal chart. Enjoy the Messenger's journeys.


Your e-mail stirred more thoughts on Mercury, Michael. Many eminent astrologers that I consider experts promote the Mercury Retrograde "beware" belief. I have never experienced any problems and feel tuned in during Mercury retro. My stance on Mercury's benefits during this time is based on his strength and the sacredness of the universe, "as above, so below". It is my belief that we have created a negative thought form in the morphogenetic field about Mercury's retrograde motion stemming form the dark times of astrology. However, as Mercury is stronger, some may tend to be more "lost in thought" during its closeness to the Sun. Sort of "blinded by the light". And as thoughts create our reality I want to create an empowering astrological perspective. Also Mercury carries a trickster energy so if a clitch occurs, we may be checking something in our thinking process. I am in a minority with these opinions. But they feel useful to me and I'm committed to creating more holistic viewpoints in the enormous astrological field. We now know we can focus and direct our energy. Yes, we do create challenges as the planetary motions and aspects reveal. These are spurs to our creative power.

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