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August 18, 2010


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Annora McDougall

that is soo true and funny. we have a customer at the bookstore who really gets into the NWO and how things are going to h*ll in a handbasket ... he likes to pull our legs and so i decided to pull his back ... he actually bought a book i recommended by Paul Hawkins (http://blessedunrest.com) though he has not yet read it ... so i told him about the video ... http://blessedunrest.com/video.html which is only 6 minutes long. my green soul sister is learning to shoot a firearm as she believes that when the spam hits the fan it will be worst than i think; but i am focused on the healing aspects so what can i say? I am going to catch up on your blog to balance out a lot of stuff right now ... bright balanced blessings and tashi dalek Annora McDougall (aka DolmaDraka)

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